21 Fun Classroom Games Every Teacher Needs to Try This Year (2023)

What do all kids around the world have in common? They love to play.

Classroom games are a great way to harness the power of play and use it to enhance your students’ learning experience. Not only are games fun and engaging, they can also:

  • Help students focus better
  • Present educational material in a new and interactive way
  • Give the whole class an opportunity to get to know each other better

Keep reading for 21 fun games to play in class, then build them into your lesson plans for more learning!

Math games

21 Fun Classroom Games Every Teacher Needs to Try This Year (1)21 Fun Classroom Games Every Teacher Needs to Try This Year (2)

When it comes to new math concepts, students usually need lots of practice to master them. Use these math games for kids to make math practice engaging and effective!

1. Prodigy Math

Best for: 1st to 8th grade

Be your students’ math classroom hero with Prodigy Math, an online role-playing game (RPG) that turns math into an adventure.

21 Fun Classroom Games Every Teacher Needs to Try This Year (3)21 Fun Classroom Games Every Teacher Needs to Try This Year (4)

As students explore the Prodigy world, complete quests and earn rewards, their success depends on answering curriculum-aligned math questions. Prodigy’s adaptive algorithm meets students where they are and tailors questions to their learning needs.

Plus, you can align Prodigy to your classroom lessons! You’ll get tools to help you:

  • Differentiate content for every student
  • Engage your students with a new and fun way to practice math
  • Gather insights to inform the teaching strategies you use every day

Sign up for your free teacher account today and start making math class fun.

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2. Math baseball

Best for: 3rd to 8th grade

Divide your class into two teams to play math baseball — another activity that gives you full control over the questions students answer. Here’s how:

  1. One team will stand at the front of the room and start at bat, scoring runs by choosing questions worth one, two or three bases.
  2. “Pitch” the questions using flash cards, which range in difficulty depending on how many bases they’re worth.
  3. If the at-bat team answers incorrectly, the defending team can respond correctly to earn an out.
  4. After three outs, switch sides.
  5. Play until one team hits 10 runs.

3. 101 and Out

21 Fun Classroom Games Every Teacher Needs to Try This Year (5)21 Fun Classroom Games Every Teacher Needs to Try This Year (6)

Best for: 2nd to 6th grade

101 and Out is a fun and effective way to end math class! The goal is to score as close to 101 points as possible without going over.

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Divide your class in half and give each group a die, piece of paper and a pencil.

Groups take turns rolling the die, using their best strategic thinking skills to either count the number at face value or multiply it by 10. For example, if the first person rolls a six, they can keep that number or turn it into 60.

This game gets competitive quickly, and boosts excitement levels in your math class!

4. Get the Math

Best for: 6th grade and up

Make math come to life with Get the Math, a site that prompts your students to solve challenges related to math in different careers and real-world situations.

The website contains videos with young professionals in fields like fashion design or video game development, explaining how they use math every day. You can assign challenges to your class after watching, some of which involve playing fun games.

For example, one of the activities challenges students to use different materials and measurements to design a shirt for less than $35.

5. Fraction War

Best for: 2nd to 6th grade

Always a classic, the card game War can help students practice basic math skills in a more engaging way than traditional worksheets.

This version teaches students the basics of fractions. Each student is dealt two cards, one numerator and one denominator. Once they calculate which fraction is larger, the person with the larger fraction wins and gets all four cards! Keep playing until all the cards are gone.

Not teaching fractions? No problem! Use War to give students practice multiplying or dividing with two cards, or challenge students to practice place value and build a number bigger than their opponents’.

English and spelling review games

21 Fun Classroom Games Every Teacher Needs to Try This Year (7)21 Fun Classroom Games Every Teacher Needs to Try This Year (8)

Make english class F-U-N with these games that boost reading and writing skills. Use them to practice the week’s vocabulary words or give ESL students more practice.

1. Hangman

Best for: 2nd to 6th grade

Can your students solve the puzzle before the hangman is complete? Use this classic game to introduce new sight words to the class or review vocabulary.

Divide students into small groups with pads of paper, or stand up at the front and play as a class. Think of a word and put down one blank space for each letter. Have students guess letters, and write them in the blank spaces if they’re correct. If they’re incorrect, add another part to your stick figure.

You can also replace the hangman with a snowman for more festive (and kid-friendly) fun.

The game ends when students have either guessed the correct word or the hangman is complete!

2. Bananagrams

Best for: 3rd grade and up

A portable take on Scrabble, Bananagrams is a fun way for kids to practice their word-building skills.

Using a set of tiles with letters on them, students have to create interconnected words and use up all their tiles. The group that finishes first with correctly spelled words is the winner!

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Challenge students to play one on one or in groups to practice teamwork and cooperation.

You can purchase official Bananagrams tiles online, but you can also find printables to make your own or use Scrabble tiles.

3. Pictionary

21 Fun Classroom Games Every Teacher Needs to Try This Year (9)21 Fun Classroom Games Every Teacher Needs to Try This Year (10)

Best for: 3rd grade and up

Another classic game, Pictionary, helps students attach meaning to words that might be unfamiliar to them.Plus, they’ll get to flex their art skills!

Divide students into two teams or groups, then give each student a pad of paper or a whiteboard with a marker. Have one student stand at the front of the room and draw a word you show them. While they draw, the team has to guess the word. If they guess correctly, their team gets a point!

4. Spelling bee

Best for: 2nd grade and up

Inspire a little competition with a classwide spelling bee. Using your list of vocabulary words, give the first person an opportunity to spell the word. If they need it, give them the definition or use it in a sentence.

If the student is correct, they get to stay standing and move on to the next round. If they’re wrong, they sit down and the next person gets a chance to spell. The student left standing at the end is the winner.

5. Beach ball analysis

Best for: 4th to 8th grade

Keep students engaged and active during reading comprehension lessons with a summer-inspired activity.

Get a beach ball with colorful stripes and write a question on each section about the story’s:

  • Plot
  • Theme
  • Setting
  • Structure
  • Characters

As students catch the ball, they have to answer the question their fingers land on. Once they’re done, they can throw it to the next student!

6. Charades

Best for: 1st grade and up

Whether you’re working with ESL students or reviewing vocabulary ahead of a quiz, charades can help students connect meaning to new words.

As a class or in small groups, divide into two teams. Invite the first student up to the front of the room. Give them a word or phrase they can act out in front of their team without speaking. If the team guesses correctly in the allotted time, they get a point! Once the first team’s time is up, the second team can go.

Repeat for as many rounds as you’d like. The team with the most points at the end is the winner!

Active games

21 Fun Classroom Games Every Teacher Needs to Try This Year (11)21 Fun Classroom Games Every Teacher Needs to Try This Year (12)

Do your students have ants in their pants and fingers that won’t stop fidgeting? These active games are great for getting out extra energy, taking brain breaks or even indoor recess activities.

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1. Scavenger hunt

Best for: All ages

Send intrepid explorers on a mission to find hidden treasures! For an interactive learning experience, create a scavenger hunt that challenges students to find or collect:

  • Items or facts during a class field trip
  • Objects with different shapes around their house
  • Different leaves and animals in their neighborhood
  • Things hidden around the classroom linked to a vocabulary or language lesson

Whether it’s educational or just for fun, scavenger hunts are a fun way for the whole class to engage with the world around them.

2. Freeze dance

Best for: Kindergarten to 3rd grade

Sometimes you just need to dance it out. For a quick brain break, put on some fun music and encourage your students to stand up and dance away — the sillier the better.

When the music pauses, they have to freeze in place. Any student who unfreezes before the music starts again is out!

3. GoNoodle

Best for: Kindergarten to 5th grade

GoNoodle is a tried-and-true favorite of many teachers. Colorful videos and engaging activities promote social emotional skills, active living and academic success!

Whether you need activities for indoor recess or just fun ways for students to get moving more, GoNoodle worked with child development experts to create content that’s engaging and appropriate for young eyes and ears. Students can also complete activities at home to stay mindful and focused, even when they’re not at school.

Teachers can sign up for a free account, or upgrade to a GoNoodle Plus account starting at $10 USD/month.

4. Yoga

Best for: All ages

Not only does yoga help students stretch out the wiggles in their body, it can also help cultivate mindfulness!

Lead your class through some easy stretches as a fun mid-day break or to get them energized first thing in the morning. Whether it’s downward dog or just stretching towards the sky, they’ll benefit physically and emotionally.

5. Minute to Win It

Best for: 4th grade and up

Based on the game show, Minute to Win It games challenge the whole class to complete simple (or not-so-simple) tasks in under a minute. These interactive games help promote a little healthy competition in your classroom and provide hours of fun.

Some challenges include:

  • Speed stacking paper cups
  • Rolling a coin between the tongs of a fork
  • Building a tower out of spaghetti and string
  • Getting an Oreo from your forehead to your mouth without using your hands

Set up a couple different stations and divide the class into small groups. Rotate groups through each activity so the whole class gets a chance to participate.

Team-building games

21 Fun Classroom Games Every Teacher Needs to Try This Year (13)21 Fun Classroom Games Every Teacher Needs to Try This Year (14)

Want to inspire some classroom unity and get students to work as a team? These games encourage students to put their heads together and solve problems.

1. Icebreaker games

Best for: 5th grade and up

If you have a new class or a group of students who need to get to know each other, icebreaker activities can help:

  • Boost morale and motivation
  • Get students working together
  • Build a rapport between students

Short and easy, icebreaker games are a fun way for students to introduce themselves. Ideas include:

  • Get students to line up by height, birthday, shirt color or any other characteristic
  • Play bingo, where each square represents a characteristic and students have to interact and learn more about each other to fill out squares
  • Start off the class with a short sentence. The next person has to add to the story without repeating information or getting stuck, so see how long you can keep it going!

2. Jeopardy!

Best for: 6th grade and up

Turn your classroom into the set of a gameshow and bring out your best host impression! Divide the class into two teams and challenge each to answer questions and earn points.

Whether you’re reviewing concepts from class or just testing their trivia knowledge, Jeopardy! encourages teams to work together to answer questions. Plus, there are lots of free templates to help you build your game quickly.

3. Human knot

Best for: 3rd to 8th grade

This is a simple game, but great for teaching students the importance of communication and working together.

Have students stand in a close circle with their arms out in front of them. Each student must randomly grab someone else’s hand (but never the same person twice). The goal is to organize themselves into a perfect circle without letting go. For an extra challenge, time your students to see how long it takes them to untangle their knot!

If you’re following COVID-related safety protocols in your classroom, use long strings or skipping ropes to make sure everyone can safely social distance.

4. Hula hoop chain

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21 Fun Classroom Games Every Teacher Needs to Try This Year (15)21 Fun Classroom Games Every Teacher Needs to Try This Year (16)

Best for: 2nd to 6th grade

This game also promotes coordination and teamwork! Students stand in a circle and join hands with the person next to them.

Before the circle is closed, place a hula hoop around one student’s arm. The objective of the game is to communicate with team members and pass the hula hoop around the circle without letting go.

Have students close their eyes or blindfold them for more difficulty, or divide the class into two teams and race.

5. Hands-free cup stacking

Best for: 5th grade and up

For this activity, you’ll need:

  • 6 paper cups
  • A rubber band
  • 6 equal pieces of string

Tie the strings around the rubber band and divide your class up into small groups of six (or whichever number words best). Each student holds one string and has to help their team stack the cups into a pyramid by using the rubber bands to grab the cups.

Remember — no hands allowed, so students will have to communicate and work together to complete the task.

Classroom games enhance teacher and student experiences

Every classroom is different, so keep trying new classroom activities and customize them to what your students need.

Whether you want to engage your students during a lesson, occupy them during an indoor recess or build teamwork skills, classroom games can help you keep activities educational and fun. That sounds like a win-win to us!

Prodigy Math and Prodigy English help teachers engage students through the power of digital game-based learning. Success in Prodigy requires students to correctly answer curriculum-aligned questions adapted to their learning needs, and gives teachers more ways to make math class fun! Sign up for your free teacher account today to get started.

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21 Fun Classroom Games Every Teacher Needs to Try This Year? ›

Most likely to is a game that asks players to identify which group member best fits the description. For example, “who is most likely to dress up like a penguin on Halloween?” The purpose of this game is to have fun, get to know members of the group better, and share ideas.

What are some fun but educational games? ›

These top 10 classroom games provide fun ways to engage your students in academic learning, without them even realizing it!
  • Charades. ...
  • Hangman. ...
  • Scatter-gories. ...
  • Bingo. ...
  • Puzzles. ...
  • Draw swords. ...
  • Hot potato. ...
  • Pictionary.
Mar 2, 2018

How can teachers make class more fun? ›

10 Tips for Making Learning Fun and Engaging For Children
  1. Break up Your Lessons. Many lessons involve lectures, especially when you're introducing a new topic. ...
  2. Give Your Students Choices. ...
  3. Incorporate Games. ...
  4. Create Group Time. ...
  5. Get up and Move. ...
  6. Incorporate Hands-On Learning. ...
  7. Be Open to Creativity. ...
  8. Schedule Field Trips.

How do you make a boring class fun? ›

How to Have More Fun Teaching
  1. Discover new things together. ...
  2. Incorporate mystery into your lessons. ...
  3. Be goofy; show you care. ...
  4. Participate in projects. ...
  5. Avoid “going through the motions.” ...
  6. Flip your lessons. ...
  7. Review–but don't repeat–material. ...
  8. Share your passions.
Oct 10, 2015

What is the most likely to class game? ›

Most likely to is a game that asks players to identify which group member best fits the description. For example, “who is most likely to dress up like a penguin on Halloween?” The purpose of this game is to have fun, get to know members of the group better, and share ideas.

What is interactive classroom activities? ›

Interactive classroom activities are activities that forgo one-way communication, or individual learning in favor of getting students involved and engaged with the lessons or material.

What is interactive educational games? ›

Interactive games for students are fun activities and games in which students participate in groups. These games also offer a fun and hands-on learning experience. Examples include Charades, Four Corners, and Pictionary.

What are the main activities for teachers? ›

The responsibilities of a teacher
  • Planning and preparing lessons. ...
  • Encouraging student participation. ...
  • Researching and developing new teaching materials. ...
  • Research and implementing new teaching methods. ...
  • Marking student work and recording performance. ...
  • Setting assessments and overseeing examinations.
Aug 27, 2021

What is teacher daily activities? ›

A teacher is responsible for preparing lesson plans and educating students at all levels. Their duties include assigning homework, grading tests, and documenting progress. Teachers must be able to instruct in a variety of subjects and reach students with engaging lesson plans. Completely free trial, no card required.

How to make ela fun? ›

10 Engaging Games for your ELA Classroom
  1. Vocabulary Pictionary.
  2. Reading Bingo. Looking to push students to experiment with new titles in your independent reading library? ...
  3. Discussion Question Contest. ...
  4. Board Game Versions. ...
  5. Creative Writing Madlibs. ...
  6. Beach Ball Discussions. ...
  7. Escape Rooms. ...
  8. The Video Game Exam.
Nov 11, 2017

How do I make my class more exciting? ›

6 Tips to Make Class Interesting for Students
  1. Revel in the Mysterious. ...
  2. Lesson Flipping Can Be Very Effective. ...
  3. Reviewing Is Important but Avoid Repetition. ...
  4. Learn Together. ...
  5. Make the Lessons Exciting. ...
  6. Make Use of Technology.
Sep 11, 2018

How do you keep students busy in class? ›

Good activities for these students include:
  1. Brief lectures.
  2. Discussions.
  3. Stories.
  4. Word games.
  5. Reading aloud (especially if they're doing the reading)
  6. Group projects.
Jul 11, 2019

How do I become an energetic teacher? ›

Here are some tips to help you increase your teacher energy.
  1. Get Some Exercise. ...
  2. Eat the Right Foods. ...
  3. Drink the Right Drinks. ...
  4. Don't Smoke. ...
  5. Distance Yourself from People Who Zap Your Energy.

What is the most common game right now? ›


What is the most popular game in existence? ›

Top Ten Video Games Sold in History
1MinecraftMojang Studios
2GTA 5Rockstar
3Tetris (EA)EA Mobile
4Wii SportNintendo
6 more rows
Mar 31, 2023

Which is the least popular game among the students? ›

Hence, Cricket is the most popular game and Badminton is the least popular game.

What are some creative classroom activities? ›

Here are 14 creative ways to engage students in discussions, problem-solving, critical thinking, and more:
  • Assumption Busting. ...
  • Brain-sketching. ...
  • Brainstorming. ...
  • Concept Mapping. ...
  • Exaggeration. ...
  • Fishbone. ...
  • Laddering. ...
  • Negative (or Reverse) Brainstorming.

What are the five learning activities? ›

The Model Explained
  • ENGAGE. In the first phase of the learning cycle, the teacher works to gain an understanding of the students' prior knowledge and identify any knowledge gaps. ...
  • EXPLORE. ...
  • EXPLAIN. ...
  • ELABORATE. ...

What are some of the classroom activity? ›

Interactive Classroom Activities
  • Entry/Exit Tickets. ...
  • Free Writing/Minute Paper/Question of the Day Exercise. ...
  • Ice Breakers. ...
  • Think–Pair–Share. ...
  • Case Studies and Problem-Based Learning. ...
  • Debate. ...
  • Interview or Role Play. ...
  • Interactive Demonstrations.

How do you play games in the classroom? ›

How to use educational games in the classroom
  1. Use gamified learning consistently to increase students' skills. In the classroom, an educator hopes to teach the math, reading, writing, or science skills a student will need to succeed in the world. ...
  2. Create engaging learning experiences. ...
  3. Keep students on track with learning.
Feb 10, 2023

What are considered educational games? ›

Educational games are those intentionally designed for the purpose of education, or those entertainment games that have incidental or educational values. Educational games are designed to help people understand concepts, learn domain knowledge, and develop problem solving skills as they play games.

What are the 3 most popular games? ›

Top 10 online games in the World | The list!
  • PUBG.
  • Minecraft.
  • Apex Legends.
  • Fortnite Battle Royale.
  • Counter-Strike.
  • HearthStone.
  • League of Legends.
  • Call of Duty Mobile.
May 12, 2023

Which is the most like game in the world? ›

Top 10 Most Popular Online Games In 2023
RankGameActive Player
1PUBG100 Million+
2Minecraft95 Million+
3Apex Legends50 Million
4Fortnite Battle Royale45 Million
6 more rows
Jun 3, 2023

What is the no best game in the world? ›

Garena free fire is the no 1 noob game in the world.

What are the ten basic activity areas found in most classrooms? ›

When adding provocations to each area, the original purpose for that space guides what is offered there.
  • Dramatic Play. ...
  • Writing Table. ...
  • Reading Area. ...
  • Science and Nature Table. ...
  • Art & Collage Area. ...
  • Maths Area. ...
  • Tinkering. ...
  • Sensory Play Area.
Aug 25, 2018

What are three activities in the school? ›

Common activities include student government, honor societies, service clubs, arts organizations (band, choral, theater), academic (forensics, debate, academic competition), and literary publications (newspaper, yearbook, literary magazine). Most schools will have a variety of clubs.

What games can you play on teachers Day with kids? ›

You can include games like a football match, scrabble contest, carom competition, basketball, musical chair or any other exciting games. Another interesting way to make this day special for teachers is by arranging a picnic and the kids can carry beverages, snacks, tissues and baskets, among other picnic essentials.

What is the theme for teachers day 2023? ›

In 2023, the theme for World Teachers' Day is 'Teachers: leading in crisis, reimagining the future'. With learning being an essential part of life and a child's development, teachers play a crucial role in society.

How do you play the teacher game? ›

Dress up in some of your nicer clothes, and wear glasses if you can to pretend to be the teacher. Pull up your pants too high and comb your hair really well. Walk like an old person. If your mom has a funny old dress that she wouldn't mind you playing with, that could be perfect for a teacher costume.

How can I brighten my teachers day? ›

Write a Bright Spot
  1. Choose two or three specific traits that you appreciate about them as a teacher or as a person.
  2. Explain how much their help meant to you during an especially difficult lesson.
  3. Discuss an aspect of their teaching style that you appreciate.
Feb 24, 2023

What are the 7 principles of teaching? ›

Large Classes: Seven Principles of Good Teaching
  • Good Practice Encourages Student-Faculty Contact. ...
  • Good Practice Encourages Cooperation Among Students. ...
  • Good Practice Encourages Active Learning. ...
  • Good Practice Gives Prompt Feedback. ...
  • Good Practice Emphasizes Time on Task. ...
  • Good Practice Communicates High Expectations.

When should a teacher set up routine activities? ›

The beginning of class, in between lessons, and the end of the school day are all critical times when having clear routines can help maximize instruction time. Teaching classroom routines as early in the school year as possible will allow students to learn expectations and the flow of the classroom.

How do you engage a quiet classroom? ›

One of the best ways to maintain a quiet classroom is to catch students at the door before they enter. During these encounters, behavior management expert Rob Plevin recommends using “nonconfrontational statements” and “informal chitchat” to socialize kids into productive behaviors.

How can I impress my classroom? ›

Here are 25 things you can do to create a favorable impression with your teachers.
  1. Come to class prepared for that day's session.
  2. Show a positive attitude about the class.
  3. Ask relevant questions.
  4. Participate in discussions.
  5. Arrive in class on time.
  6. Maintain consistent attendance.
  7. Pay attention.
  8. Ask for help when needed.

How do you create a calming classroom? ›

How Do You Create a Calm Classroom?
  1. Decorate With Intention. ...
  2. Add Plants. ...
  3. Employ Flexible Seating. ...
  4. Give Students Space to Chill Out. ...
  5. Let in the (Natural) Light. ...
  6. Play Calming Music. ...
  7. Routines, Routines, Routines. ...
  8. Teach Strategies for Calming Down.
Mar 23, 2023

How do I make my ELA more interactive? ›

Let's take a look at some possibilities.
  1. Differentiate the Learning. Breathe life and personalization into vocabulary instruction by changing up the way you ask students to think about their words. ...
  2. Use QR Codes. ...
  3. Make it a Manipulative. ...
  4. Spice up Discussions. ...
  5. Pair Unusual Texts. ...
  6. Play Chef. ...
  7. Stage a Mock Trial. ...
  8. Add some Color.
Nov 11, 2018

What to do when bored in ela? ›

List of 103 Things To Do When You Are Bored in Class
  1. Write a note to a friend.
  2. Draw or doodle.
  3. Take notes and go off on a tangent.
  4. Write a to-do list.
  5. Sketch someone in your classroom.
  6. Make a list of ideas for your next adventure.
  7. Write a gratitude list.
  8. Send a mental message to someone.
Jan 26, 2023

How do you overcome a boring class? ›

Before Class
  1. Sleep Well. Your sleep is inherently tied to your ability to focus. ...
  2. Read Material. ...
  3. Create Questions In Advance. ...
  4. Prepare Yourself For A Mentally-Draining Class. ...
  5. Sit Up Front. ...
  6. If You Are On Your Laptop, Don't Check Social Media. ...
  7. Enjoy A Cold Beverage During Class. ...
  8. Sit With An Enthusiastic Classmate.

How do you attract more students to your class? ›

Let's look at how to figure that out.
  1. Perform Market Research. ...
  2. Create Buyer Personas to Represent Your Audience. ...
  3. Provide Relevant and Practical Course Material. ...
  4. Engage with Your Audience on Social Media. ...
  5. Create a Compelling Lead Magnet. ...
  6. Offer Exclusive Rewards. ...
  7. Share Student Testimonials and Highlight Their Achievements.
May 26, 2022

How do you get everyone's attention in class? ›

10 Ways to Get Your Students' Attention Without Yelling
  1. Set and Maintain High Expectations. ...
  2. Establish Regular Routines. ...
  3. Get Quieter, Not Louder. ...
  4. Reset Technique. ...
  5. Install a Wireless Doorbell. ...
  6. Use Call and Response or Clap Back Technique. ...
  7. Use Classroom Lights. ...
  8. Stand in the Middle of the Room.

What games are unblocked on school computers? ›

The Best Unblocked Games for School
  1. Tank Trouble. Tank Trouble is an exciting game that allows players to battle against each other using tanks. ...
  2. Super Smash Flash 2. ...
  3. Geometry Dash. ...
  4. 2048. ...
  5. Happy Wheels. ...
  6. Bloons Tower Defense 5. ...
  7. Run 3. ...
  8. Minecraft Classic.
Apr 10, 2023

What games to play in computer class? ›

Here are some cool virtual games that you can play in your online classroom:
  • Dance and Pause. This game is a virtual version of musical chairs. ...
  • First Letter, Last Letter. ...
  • Pop Up Quiz. ...
  • Complete a Story. ...
  • Guess Who? ...
  • Twist Your Tongue. ...
  • Know Your Friends. ...
  • Pictionary.
Mar 14, 2023

What can I play online when bored in class? ›

Here are the best quick web games to play online when you're bored.
  • QWOP.
  • Entanglement.
  • Gridland.
  • Cookie Clicker.
  • Threes.
  • The Wiki Game.
  • Line Rider.
  • Pac-Man.

What games can you play in online class? ›

List of virtual classroom games & activities
  • The Survival Game. The Survival Game is a thrilling game that promotes critical thinking and helps students build problem-solving skills. ...
  • Name, Animal, Place, and Thing. ...
  • Draw a Monster. ...
  • First Letter, Last Letter. ...
  • Scavenger Hunt. ...
  • Hangman. ...
  • Find the Differences. ...
  • Charades.
Feb 1, 2023

Why do schools ban Roblox? ›

Now you may be wondering why do schools block Roblox? Roblox is a video game, that's why it is blocked on the school network. Schools block games to keep students focused on their studies and to prevent them from becoming distracted. It is a standard practice of educational institutions throughout the world usually.

How to bypass school blocked games? ›

Use a Proxy Site to Get Around School Restrictions

If your institution blocks a game's website, it'll likely look for you typing the URL into the address bar. A web proxy server circumvents this because you're not visiting the game's website; you're going to the proxy's page and telling it to go to the page instead.

How do you entertain a class? ›

10 Ways to Keep Your Class Interesting
  1. Incorporate Mystery Into Your Lessons.
  2. Don't Repeat Classroom Material.
  3. Create Classroom Games.
  4. Give Your Students Choices.
  5. Use Technology.
  6. Don't Take Teaching so Seriously.
  7. Make Your Lessons Interactive.
  8. Relate Material to Your Students' Lives.
Aug 16, 2019

What is the #1 online game? ›

1. PUBG. PUBG is the most popular online game in 2022, with a huge fan following. Inspired by armor and H1Z1, PUBG has swept the internet and now has more than 100 million players.

How do I find hidden games on Google? ›

See games you've hidden
  1. On your Android phone or tablet, open the Play Games app .
  2. Tap More Settings.
  3. Under "Your data," select Review hidden games.
  4. Optional: To show a game, tap the game. Show game.

What is the 5 things game on Zoom? ›

Five Things is an improv game you can play over Zoom to encourage team building. Here is how to play: Name a topic and a person. That person has 15 seconds to name five specific items within the topic.

What online games do kids like? ›

10 Fun Free Games for Kids to Play Online
  • SplashLearn.
  • Funbrain.
  • Cartoon Network Games.
  • CBC Kids.
  • KILOO.com.
  • National Geographic Kids.
  • Word Game Time.
  • PBS Kids Games.
Mar 16, 2023

How do you play Jeopardy in class? ›

Basic Rules

Give teams one minute to answer each selected question correctly. Teammates must collaborate before giving the answer. If the answer is correct, the team earns the amount of 'money' the question was worth. That is, they earn 100 points for a $100 question.


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